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Theme:Towards Building Inclusive Societies

The National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), India and the Department of Applied Psychology, Ramanujan College (University of Delhi), India are pleased to announce the 28th Annual Congress of NAOP and International Conference with the theme "Towards Building Inclusive Societies". Since antiquity scholars across the world have been struggling to figure out the dynamics of social, political and economic changes in human life. The need to maintain, sustain and perpetuate healthy society has been emphasized in various ways. Indian wisdom has always emphasized balance (Samatva) and inspired to pursue the middle path and to avoid the extremes. It resonates with the idea that the seeker of happiness should feel content(Santosh), which is contrary to the hedonistic view that has dominated the psychological discourse for long. The current developments in positive psychology have enthused a positive movement in the discipline of psychology. However still, the image of human being promoted is skewed and ignores the ground realities in less developed countries. Against this backdrop, NAOP 2018 plans to dedicate this annual congress to address some relevant issues in contemporary Indian society. One of the key goals for social development is a society for all - a society that is based on social cohesion, people’s participation, social integration, promoting equality and respect for diversity. We are fighting social exclusion based on race, gender, culture, language, ethnicity, age, physical disadvantage, economic disadvantage and many other social identities at a global level. It is important to understand the psychological processes underlying not just issues of social exclusion but social inclusion as well. India has a rich repository of indigenous knowledge about human nature, human development, social relationships, and societal development, which has found some application at the individual level but not at the societal level. The congress attempts to open some dialogue on bridging the gaps between existing knowledge and its applications, as well as consider opportunities for advancing psychological knowledge.

This Congress intends to bring together academicians, professionals, researchers, NGOs and students to explore and share their knowledge related to various domains of psychology useful in the sustenance of a harmonious and inclusive society that caters to the well being of all. We thus invite you all from India and abroad to submit abstracts (maximum 200 words) of original, recent and ongoing research papers, proposals for symposia, and proposals for poster presentation that cover conceptual, hypothetical and pragmatic examinations pertaining to, though not constrained to the particular issues. We also request for proposals from academicians, professionals, and researchers for organizing preconference workshops related to teaching, research, and practice in Psychology.

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